About Us

Before the beginning of time, Plot Bubble was forged from the fire and fury of a dragon and rose from the ashes. In actuality, Plot Bubble started in 2009 with Season 6 of Red vs Blue with Oroboros, and was known only then, as The LFTO Shizno. Later, the LFTO prefix was dropped, the cast and crew came and went as the years rolled on. Eventually, Daft Prodigy and Rane Zero took over the primary duties of managing The Shizno, with Bobberton bringing in Beacon Broadcast.

Adding new members and new editors the two podcasts merged in late 2016 to create the Plot Bubble in its current form, with the goal of adding new content, and expanding the mission statement. At its core, PB strives to talk about all forms of media in the same rigor it debates Red vs Blue and RWBY: critical analysis, “witty” humor, and genuine emotional depth from its members, about the media PB discusses. Plot Bubble is a podcasting network dedicated to interesting discussion that not only stimulates the audience, but the cast and crew, so that all participants can achieve a new level of content creation in their own personal lives, for recreational or professional reasons.

You can read more about each of our shows here.