Every week, a new episode of the popular web series Red vs. Blue comes out, and on The Shizno your team of Very Smart People are on hand to analyze, deconstruct, and make really stupid jokes about what went on. Marvel at our crackpot theories! Be amazed by our ability to riff off a single line and create a whole alternate universe! Astonish yourselves with our capacity for spending an hour discussing ten minutes of content! Tune in every Saturday while RvB airs for a new episode.

With each new episode of Rooster Teeth’s animated series RWBYBeacon Broadcast is here to break down everything that happened. In a weekly freeform discussion with a rotating cast, we talk about our favorite moments, where we think the show is going, and, hey, what was up with that thing that happened three weeks ago that nobody ever mentioned again? Yep, that’s the kind of nerds we are. Join us every Saturday while RWBY is airing.

In Watch And Learn, a cast of three members dissect media through the lens of the ignorant. Every week, your host Joe is joined by two guests to discuss a different movie, TV show, or game. But one of them has only seen a trailer (if they’re lucky), so they’ll have to predict what they think it’s about while the other two educate them. New episodes launch every Thursday!