The Team

The many myriad talents of Plot Bubble are split into three groups: Cast, Crew, and Consulate. The cast are the clowns you hear on our podcasts, the crew are the ones that make them sound a little bit sensible, and the Consulate hosts shows in between enacting their Machiavellian schemes. Read more about them all below.



DaftProdigy, AKA “Sunshine Mother,” AKA “Holy Crap Does She EVER Stop Laughing, Seriously, My Ears Are Bleeding,” is one of the oldest and most-feared members of Plot Bubble. She has hosted or co-hosted The Shizno for around nine years and was once in charge of editing and social media, though she was able to foist off wisely delegate those duties to other members under the clever excuse of “If I don’t finish my dissertation then my twenty years of schooling will have been for nothing.” Catch her on The Shizno, on The Beacon Broadcast, and on Tumblr. But don’t catch her if she’s not laughing. At that point, you should already be running away.


Dougss is the definition of too old for this. Being on The Shizno since Day 1, he’s bounced around many roles, currently serving as the moderator of the Plot Bubble Discord server. In his free time he DJs and reads the news for fun. Follow him on Twitter at @dougssz.


Joe enjoys long walks on the beach and watching the sunse– Oh, is this not that kind of bio? In that case, Joe is an editor and podcaster who enjoys overanalyzing shows while trying and failing to keep his humor SFW. He also run Pancake Pug Productions. He currently serves as the host of Watch & Learn.


Debuting in The Beacon Broadcast Volume 3 as a cast member, Sam quickly became lead editor due to his vigorous work ethic, audio engineer training, and actual paid-for copies of professional editing software. Upon the launch of Plot Bubble and the decision to add more content, Sam moved to the role of Production Manager, where he oversees the editing team & continues to work to bring Plot Bubble to the next level.


Sunday is always tired and always has a theory, because that’s her job. She’s been on The Shizno since RvB Season 14 and took over hosting The Beacon Broadcast from Bobberton in Volume 5. In her spare time she plays videogames, writes, and spends too much money on Magic cards. She is the head of Team RDIO and has sworn a solemn oath to complain until Wyoming comes back on RvB. Find her on tumblr at sundayswiththeilluminati.



Artemis, probably better known as Arty-Farty, is (currently) the youngest member of Plot Bubble. Please remind her of this constantly. She cries. A lot.


Blue is a podcaster and writer who currently lives in the U.K, and who spends most of his time trying to write stuff, or catch up on all the TV shows he watches. Blue has been participating in The Shizno and The Beacon Broadcast since RWBY Volume 3. Blue is a resident “old fart trapped in the body of a 21 year old” and can be heard thinking up more ways to torture everyone with terrible puns.


Church is extremely gay, and will take every opportunity possible to make sure you know that (including this one). He has been on The Shizno since Season 12 and occasionally helps edit episodes. He is currently attending college for Theater Production. You can find him on both Twitter and Tumblr.


Kaden is your local PodcastBot2000. Due to a manufacturing accident, they only have two modes: puns and biting cynicism. The manufacturer decided to market this as a feature by claiming they could naturally emulate millennials. They host the Myth Information podcast for all your interesting mythology needs. If you want more procedurally-generated humor, you can follow them on Tumblr at nonegenderwithleftbeef, or at theguywiththeyellowaccents for RT-specific humor. Have a goo- KADEN.EXE HAS CRASHED


PinkAura, more commonly known as Pink on both The Shizno and Beacon Broadcast, is best known for their laughter that will never cease to end. Though they’ve taken a break from both podcasts to focus on their cosplay, they intend to return occasionally for records in upcoming seasons. They’re on Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram.


Ridgway is a British-Canadian working their way through graduate school while having fun with The Shizno. He currently researches Space Plasma Physics and has been involved with The Shizno since Season 10. He’s also a Scout leader and has been for 6 years. Loves puns. His Twitter account is @robbieridgway.


Shi is studying NatSci at uni, and got into Red vs. Blue two months before exams as procrastination. They chose the name Shi not because they’re a weeb (anime rocks tho) but because the area of Tokyo where their parents met is called Shibuya and it almost became their name. Shi loves food, space and Church (better dead than red). You can chat with them on Tumblr about character development, recipes and anything else! Except spiders. Don’t talk to them about spiders.


Syp. Probably exists, could possibly not. Definitely maybe has a Tumblr.


Tyler Strahan is a podcaster and editor on The Shizno, The Beacon Broadcast, and other Plot Bubble productions. Tyler is known for her high energy, quick wit, and ability to survive otherwise dangerous situations with little more than mild distress. Tyler says hi.


Xekstrin is a freelance writer residing in Washington state. She’s always hungry for positive inclusive representation in media and does her best to fill that niche when she can. Yes, that’s really her voice. You can follow her on Tumblr at xekstrin.



Elliot is a CS student at University of Nottingham. He likes snow and trains and dislikes everything else—especially cutlery with joins in the handle. Helped Wil Wheaton root his phone once. Perpetually bored.


Xiro is the invisible Shizno editor, like a silent fart that you never know where it came from but you sure can smell it. Sleep is a luxury; tea is their life fuel. You can find them on Twitter.